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planet_dyke's Journal

Planet Dyke: A Community for Women Who Love Women
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Okay, rock! If you've made it this far it means that you're looking for a different kind of community for queer chicks. You've found it.

I started this community so that queer chicks - lesbian, bi, trans or questioning - can have a place to go to have conversations with grown-ups.

* This community is open to any queer chicks who are 22 years of age or older. We do love our younger queer sisters, but this is a forum for adults only.
* Exceptions to the under-22 rule will be made on a case by case basis; however, if you don't have anything on your profile or your LJ is blank, you don't give us much to go on.
* By queer chick, let me reiterate: lesbian, bi or transgendered.
* It's not an open community - your membership must be approved.
* No bio-boys allowed unless you are a transitioning MTF. Sorry. There are plenty of other places for the boys to play.
* Debate is welcome; baiting is not.
* No bi or trans-bashing. Period.
* No polls, please, unless you ask permission of the moderator first. (They're just annoying.)
* Pictures and sexually frank discussion encouraged and welcome; just please put them behind a cut.
* Once you've been approved, please post an introduction so we can all say hello! We'd like to discourage lurking, and encourage fellowship and interactive community-building.

IMPORTANT: If you try to join this community and you do not have your age clearly listed on your LiveJournal, I will need to contact you before I can approve your membership. If you have no contact information listed on your Live Journal, I have no choice but to deny your membership.